How To Make Biofuel

Learning how to make biofuel will introduce you to an enormous amount of potential for the future of energy, one which may pave the way for a fossil fuel-free world. For the sake of cleaner energy, and of finding more plentiful supplies of power, use of fossil fuels will, gradually, have to be phased out. In this regard, biofuel offers one possibility of reprieve.

What is Bio Fuel?

Simply defined, biofuel is an energy source made from organic materials, with vegetable oil and algae being the most common sources found today. Made from living organisms, the fuel can take the form of liquid, solid or gas.



How to Make Bio fuel

Here are some easy steps that will teach you how to make biofuel from the comfort of your own home.


First, you will need a batch of unused vegetable oil, lye, and methanol. The latter two ingredients can be easily obtained from a hardware store. For safety measures, you should have a bucket of water at the ready nearby, and use gloves and protective goggles. Also, be sure the room in which you are working is well ventilated, or you are doing this outdoors.


The Process:

First, put 200 milliliters of methanol in a blender, which should be turned on to its slowest speed. While the methanol is mixing, slowly add in 3.5 grams of lye. Keep in mind this component is poisonous, so be sure that you have the correct amount measured out beforehand.

Wait until all the lye is dissolved, which should take about 2 minutes. After that, add in one liter of your vegetable oil, and let the mixture blend for about 20 – 30 minutes, still on the slowest speed. After that time has elapsed, turn off the blender, and pour the mixture into a wide-mouth jar. For safety measures, be sure to mark the jar with a “poison” label! After 30 minutes to an hour, layers will form in the mixture. The top layer is your biodiesel, and the bottom is glycerin. The layers can be split, and both components used.


If you can master these easy steps on how to make biofuel, you can actually develop your own energy source, and contribute to the effort to save the planet. Always keep the safety of others and yourself in mind when around chemicals by taking the proper precautions outlined above.